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Cutting edge security tools focused on digital asset protection

Key Backup and Recovery (KBR)

Key mismanagement is one of the most common attack vectors in digital asset theft cases. 


CAT Labs is developing a revolutionary KBR Disaster Recovery product based on cutting edge Fully Homomorphic Encryption technology. 


The KBR product ensures cryptographic safekeeping of private keys and allows for fast and efficient digital asset recovery in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as missing devices, staff or other business operational failures. 


Cryptographic KBR means lightning speed disaster recovery, giving regulators, investors, customers and insurance underwriters assurance that private key material is properly safeguarded and can be quickly recovered in case of an emergency.  

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Anti - Social Engineering Engine with Transaction Monitoring

Social engineering is the number one tactic employed by malicious actors to gain access to private key material.  CAT Labs is developing an AI/ML engine focused on preventing the most common social engineering attacks responsible for digital asset theft.  Coupled with a transaction authorization and monitoring system, CAT Labs anomaly detection engine stops unauthorized transactions and effectively safeguards digital assets from theft and exploitation. 


Security is a critical concern for companies deploying digital asset offerings because of their complexity, fast evolution and unique vulnerabilities associated with building and offering digital asset technologies.

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To better inform the product development process, CAT Labs has built a Digital Asset Cybersecurity Design Partner Program for select companies deploying digital asset offerings. 


Our team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals with deep crypto expertise work closely with each design partner to develop a tailored security framework.


To reduce overall security risks, our team of experts assess the required investments while also addressing any necessary regulatory compliance guidelines. 


In turn, CAT Labs design partners receive priority access and a deep discount to CAT Labs security products currently in development. 

Key Features and Benefits


  • Cybersecurity experience, expertise, total IT and cloud security dedication, and awareness

  • “Vendor Preferred” perspective

  • Focused on unique security needs of blockchain technologies

  • Help determine what cybersecurity services would contribute to the risk management strategy

  • Established traditional and blockchain-focused cybersecurity vendor relationships

  • Creation and maintenance of cyber risk management programs 

  • Compliance review and recommendations

  • Knowledge of new regulations and industry changes

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Areas of Engagement


  • Build cybersecurity program

  • Security vendor management

  • Access to additional cybersecurity and cryptography expertise

  • Advise on and oversee SSDLC (Secure SDLC)

  • Advise on and oversee secure digital asset custody implementation and key management

  • Advise on and oversee infrastructure security (cloud, CI/CD, DevOps)

  • Procurement and setup of security testing (including static and dynamic code analysis)

  • Build Incident Response and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs

  • Procurement and setup of required cybersecurity tooling

  • First access and deep discount to all security tools that CAT Labs are developing

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