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Recovery CAT

Recovery CAT is a digital asset recovery tool that specializes in finding, identifying and seizing cryptocurrency from smartphones, computers, servers, email, cloud accounts, documents and other digital data. 

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Recovery CAT takes a holistic approach to crypto investigations with a focus on integrating with existing forensic/analysis software and workflows.

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Challenges We Solve

Crypto is Hiding in Plain Sight



While cash (i.e., fiat) or physical evidence can be secured by law enforcement, anyone with access to a copy or backup of a cryptocurrency wallet can recover their assets within minutes. Recovery CAT allows for quick processing of seized material and enables law enforcement to take immediate action when seizing crypto.

Digital Evidence Backlog



Crypto-related crime has risen sharply, leaving forensics labs to manage the demands coming into their agencies. Adding Recovery CAT to the forensic workflow ensures quick and efficient triage for digital assets.

Chain of Custody / Audit Trail

Reviewing digital evidence can result in crypto private key discovery potentially containing millions in digital assets. Recovery CAT enhances existing forensic workflows and policies with witness integration, auditing and notification tools to create a proper chain of custody for digital asset discovery and seizures to protect analysts, officers and agents from potential liability and shield the cryptocurrency found in criminal investigations from internal bad actors.

Forensic Workflow

Developed by a former Department of Justice Special Agent who led the investigations into some of the most high-profile crypto cases in law enforcement history
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